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40 years, 1963 - 2003
This was the site for our 40th class reunion and now is the place for classmates across the country to keep in touch.  Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

The Cranford Library has put back copies of the Cranford Chronicle (in it's various forms), CHS year books and other directories on-line in a serachable format. Look up your name, your friend's name, organizations happenings, etc. Go to
and select your periodical, years and key words. I forgot most of this stuff!!!
mural being restored
We're part of History!
Remember those half-circle murals that adorned the top of the library walls? If so, you are part of history. Click below to read how the old murals have been "re-discovered" and are being restored!
Uncovering historic murals at Cranford High School

Mural restoration at Cranford High School brings historic art back to life

Our wonderful, memorable weekend may be over but our classmate connections
are more alive than ever! Thank goodness for email! Stay tuned for post reunion information!!!!!!

(Your Reunion Committee: Jackie , Nelson Dittmar, Marty Gallanter, Bill Ray, Emil "Moe" Ciurczak, Judy York Bell, Joanne Aliseo Gall,
Sharon Pechin Spirito, Karen Petersen Meleti,Margaret Ramsay McCloud, Carol Cawley Weshnak)

What Are We Doing Now?

Please send us links to sites that help explain who we are - personal web sites, photo web sites, professional web sites, church web sites, military units, organization you belong to or support, your charities, your hobbies, your pets, your schools, your workplace, your adopted hometowns, your book/movie/whatever-you-have-done sites - anything that will define you or your interests.

Classmate Bill Hoff started a Dive Club open to all scuba divers,DIVER newly cerified to old salts. The club has grown to over a hundred, and runs dive trips out into the local waters off NY & NJ shore or around the world.
Dive into the action here

mountainClassmate Holly (Paffrath) Parrott's youngest son is breaking into stand up comedy and is quite busy! Just enter Sean Parrott comedy into to see what he is all about.
Or click here watch one of his skits

mountainClassmate Ron Farb and his wife, Dianne, are co-founders of the Climb for Cancer Foundation, Inc. Ron has climbed the highest mountain in each of five continents to raise money for cancer research and related support programs.
Read about the foundation here

bookClassmate Ginger (Claire Hallenbeck) McCulloch has a book out about caring for her father with Alzheimers's
Click Here for the Link

potClassmate Sefanie Kott has a page dedicated to her home in Oaxaca, Mexico, and a 5-part video series of photos on YouTube about her life in Oaxaca and her impressions of it:
Click here for web site
Click here for youtube series

rabbitSomewhere between the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter, but nowhere near the Queen of Hearts you will find the home page of Webmaster Marty
Click here to join the tea-party

laserClassmate Emil Ciurczak likes to make light of his work. His professional web site shows off his work in the world of the Near-Infrared
Click here to check it out

camera To view Jackie's new photos of Cranford
Click here

bookClassmate Fred Atkins feels it's never to early to teach your children to love America, and has written a children's book about patriotism.
You can check it out here

recycleClassmate Nelson Dittmar and the Cranford Environmental Commission have launched a new web site, designed to educate Cranford residents about the environment and ways they can help the environment and save some money.
You can check it out here, and maybe borrow some ideas!

walkDo you enjoy walking for exercise or pleasure, being outdoors, seeing new places and meeting nice people? If so, volkssporting may be for you. Classmate Steve and Janis Dmytriw joined their local Volkssport (walking) club.
You can check it out here

writeVisit our CHS '63 Classmate's Biography Page. Read old news and new news and submit yours. (for a special treat,
check out the romantic tale of Gaile Davidson and Barry Ziegler)
(click here)

bookClassmate Author Linda Frederick Yaffe's Latest Recipe Book
Click here: Backpack Gourmet Review --

mountainCheck out Stephen Dmytriw and and the Boy Scouts through 50 miles of the Sierra Nevada Desolation Wilderness
Click left Here

chatRemember those Student-On-the-Street interviews? Here's classmate Emil Ciurczak explaining "maturity" in 1962 (ain't irony great?). Have things changed much?
You can read all about it here (you may have to expand picture to full size)

bookClassmate Author Marty Gallanter... check out his book "A Little Lower Than the Angels"
Click here for publisher's site

writeFrom Lee Coyle to Fred Atkins to you: One view of the last half-century! (anything sound familiar?)
Go back in time here!

whistleClassmate Mike Cavalla has moved back to New Jersey (albeit western Jersey), but still travels a lot in his job with NYK Logistics
You can visit NYK Logistics!

cameraClassmate Steve Dmytriw took way too many snapshots, so he stored them on the internet. Stop by to see what he's been doing - there are even some more old Cranford pictures!
See Steve's personal photo site!

globeClassmate Dan Thaxton lives in a great place.  Check it out!
Click here: Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce

chsWhat's New at CHS?
Click here for Cranford High School

tennisTennis anyone? Read about the history of our clay courts
Click here: Cranford Clay Courts Club

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