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The following photos of Cranford were taken with YOU in mind.  I hope they bring back fond memories of the special town we grew up in. Many of the homes have been refurbished making “Our Town” more beautiful than ever!  Additional photos will be added to our web site soon.  



Martin Jewelers Clock and Plaza                                    North and North Union Avenues Intersection

The Cranford Hotel                                                             Opening this Hotel door will "Kick Things Off"

Droescher's Mill                                                                The Canoe Club....Standing on the dock and
                                                                                             looking across the river you can see the side
                                                                                                of the "Hanson House."

"The Hanson House"  See you all on Saturday                    Cranford Historical House
at 12:30

Dreyer Farms... Nothing like Jersey corn.                          Nomahegan Park, photo by Bob Konegan


Beautiful Homes of Cranford

North Union and Elizabeth Avenues                                        Cranford and Elizabeth Avenues

Orchard Street near West End Place                                    Springfield Avenue near West End Place


A "Moving" Dedication to the Six Cranford Victims of 9/11

Six pillars representing the six victims (nameplates are at the bottom)

                        Raising the Flags

  Harry Wilde - recently retired Cranford Police Chief         After the ceremony, at dusk



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