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Bill,Joanne, Diana and Dave
A Mini Reunion in 2015

Suzanne, Mike, Jim, Fran, Carolyn, John and Sharon

Rich and Phyllis

Gary, Nils and Rich

Sharon and Sue Crawford

Jackie and Fran Capodice

Mr Yanuzzi

Mr Weber

Karolyn Schulz
Add blue water to yellow water... get green water WOW!!

Jerry Madden
Looks like a PEP rally

Flying Cheerleaders

Stefanie Kott cheering the boys on

Memorial Field
Mildred seems to be praying for the team.

Mr Hein
English lessons with Ginger Trometter and Nancy Meyers

Junior Prom 1962
With Fred Atkins and Val Geiger, and Pete Swanson and Jean Kelber

Junior Prom 1962
Emil Ciurczak and Cory Friedman

Presbyterian Preschool
With maybe Sue Dudley, Judy York, Djinki, Mildred, and Betty Ann someplace

English Class - 1961
With maybe Emil Ciurczak, Jim Zachary, Rich Smith, Jeannie Kelber and Ginger Roberts

Carolyn Schulz and Stefanie Kott
Sept 2009

Jane McCord and Karolyn Schulz
Sept 2009

Downtown Cranford

Echo Lake Park

Brownie Troop - 1953

Brownie Troop - 1953

1953 - Birthday Party - Vigina Roberts, Bunny Lucas, Suzanne Kirk, Stefanie Kott, Mary Grant, Gerald Schmidt(?)

1954 Birthday Party - Bob Morgan, Douglas Garber, Teddy Britton, Bonnie Boyd, Stefanie Kott, Carol Szabo, Bill Imus, Mary Grant, Charlie Pope

1954 Birthday Party - Jane McCord, Bob Morgan, Douglas garber, Teddy Britton, Bonnie Boyd, Stefanie Kott, Carol Szabo, Bill Imus, Mary Grant, Charlie Pope (not in order)

1955 - Birthday Party - Mary Grant, Susanne Kirk, Carol Szabo, Stefanie Kott

1955 - Jane McCord and Suzanne Kirk

1955 - Stefanie Kott and Mary Grant

1955 - Roosevelt School Girls

1956 - Halloween, Jean Reusch, David Lynch, Maria Blanding (angel)

Halloween - ?, Mary Grant, Stefanie Kott, Bob Morgan

Halloween - Mary Grant, Stefanie Kott

1956 Halloween, Howard Milius, Steve Dmytriw, Jay Farrell

1959 - Mary Grant and Bob Morgan going to 9th Grade Dance

crossing a crevasse in the Khumbu icefall on Everest
Ron Farb crossing a crevasse in the Khumbu icefall on Everest.
Ron and Dianne Farb
Ron and Dianne Farb

CHS PEP Band - how many can you recognize?

Senior Day in the Watchung Mountains - Dwight, Ann, Steve, Betty-Jo, Ralph, Tony, Moe, and John

5 Girl Power - Kim, Ann, Betty-Jo, Cindy and Pat

60's car jacking - Moe, Tony, Dwight, Pat, Dan, Joel and Steve

A CHS Hootenanny?

CHS Cheerleaders in action

CHS Wrestling - John and George Krip, Stan Minch and possibly Bob Olsen

"Get off your back!" - Coach Farrell

Basketball Game in 1962 with Maria Blanding, Sue Bolick (seated) Suzanne Kirk, Alice Scott(seated) and Elaine Egan.

Suzanne Kirk and Sue Bolick in 1962

Slumber party in 1960 - Above left are Mary Grant, Sue Bolick, Maria Blanding, Alice Scott and Elaine Egan

Alice Scott and Jean Slager (seated) Maria Blanding, Mary Grant & Sue Bolick.

Junior Varsity - 1960 (how many can you name?)

Varsity - 1962 (and how many can you namehere?)

The two photos above from the back of Steve Dmytriw's closet - have you checked yours?

1962 District Wrestling Champs - Larry Davis, Brian Conley, Lee Nordstorm, Rich Smith, Tony Peters Mike Pender, Bill Todd, John Stonack, Don Kidd Coach, Randy Nelson, Ralph Zobel, Peter Occi

'59 Graduating Class of St. Michael's School

Jacki in Florida

Zev Shanken alone and with his son Ezra on top of Pike's Peak - Summer of 2003

Cranford Boys Camp -1955 (who do you recognize?)

Bingity Banity School Bus made by Judy York's Dad circa 1950. Future Cranford High Schoolers include Paul Degenhardt, Carol Ann Degenhardt, Nanette Schmidt and Judy York.

York's birthday party March 9, 1952 - Judy York, Mildred Gessler, Wayne Jones, Sandra Jones and Bill Donne

Camp Chickagami in the summer of '55 - Photo from Kim (Sjursen) Wells who can identify the following people.  Can you add any names?  Kim Sjursen, Pam Marshall, Cookie Craft, Ginger Hallenbeck, Ann Mineur, Pat Keller , Janet Herfurth and Linda Frederick.

Jim Bass Living InFlorida

Janice (Drummond) Saam & son Bill at Janice's graduation from Raritan Community College (5/03)

Carlynne Wolfe and Fran Capodice in Tucson

Stephanie Kott - some years ago

There is a story and a half behind this picture of Hank Detering and Jackie Coleman (Click Here) for this tale of coincidence.

Jackie , Carol Cawley, Bonnie Brindley at Reunion 30

Two modern Cranford views from Jackie

Gail and Barry Ziegler

Kim & Andy Wells

Tony Peters, Steve Dmytriw &Moe-loons

Tony Peters, Steve Dmytriw &Moe (Emil) Ciurczak

Tony Peters, Barry Ziegler, Gaile Davidson,Steve & Janis Dmytriw

Click for bigger image
Cranford Methodist Church Confirmation Class, 1954 - who do you recognize?

Click for bigger image
30th Reunion - Now who do you recognize?

Jane McCord, Mary Grant and Stef Kott in 1947

.... and now in 1948.

Steve Dmytriw in 1946

Easter, 1953

A Holly Paffrath Birthday - including Gail McFadden, Gail Davidson, Judy Kopf, Jane Kopf, Jane Mcord, Betsy Barnhart, Marianne Vajda

More Birthday Gaggle

Memorial Day,1952

Remember the old Cranford Pool?

On the Rocks - Carol Szabo, Sharon Kronmeyer,Kim Sjursen

Boating - girl scouts

Party Time in 1962 - John Elliott, Bill Imus & Margaret Russell

Roosevelt School group in 1956

Holly at the footbridge and with Joe Blaha

Emil and Alissa Ciurczak

Here's an Oldie But Goodie - Roosevelt School 5th grade play

Here's a table picture from Reunion 25. Anyone have any more?Name everyone at the table and Marty will buy you a drink at the next reunion.

Remember this photofrom the 25th also?

And Here is a very poor scan of an even older photo.  It's been on the wall so long that the colors have faded.  Maybe we can get it fixed up better in time.  Keepan eye on this spot.

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