In Memory of Those We Have Lost

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We know of fifty seven from the class who left us since graduation. We mourn their passing by
posting their graduation photos from a time of endless hope and happiness. 
And we apologize for the quality of the photos. Scanning those old black and white
screened pictures is not so easy.  But the blurred photos do not blur our memories.

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Lynne Arthur  William Becker  Barbara Beckham  Henry Bernstein  Robert Biach
Ed Borke  Bonnie Boyd  Jim Brower  Ed Burke  Robin Clemons
Leslie Cooper  Jack Coraggio  Randall Cromarty  Sandra Delgato  Bill Donnelly
Pat Dorn  Kitty Duncan  Martin Gallanter  John Francz  Leah Gonella
Joe Grindrod  Sandra Haag  Bill Herdeg  Janet Hopkins  Carol Jacob
Mary Johnson  Stefanie Kott  Joanne Koehler  Brigitte Kowaltschuk  Robert H Konegen
Mike Marino  Mary McDermott  Carol Meissner  Sue Ann Miller  Janet Paswark
Pete Penvenne  Lee Pope  RichRubenstein  Ron Rubenstein  Alice Scott
Paul Seiser  David Selvin  Betty-Jo Shepard  Bob Staiger  Janice Suplee
Lynda Swartz  R. Jay Tell  Dan Thaxton  Mary Lou Trembley  Ginger Trometter
Joyce Wall  Kathy Walsh  Barbara Wells  John Williams  Judy York

Arlene Zier  Ralph Zobel

Herb Farrell  James Lenny  Michael Yanuzzi 


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