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Never Fear
CHS '63 Was Here
(At least I think so... after all, it WAS the 60's!)

You have reached the web site of the Class of 1963 - Cranford High School, Cranford, NJ
Last Updated 13 November 2019

Please share your pictures with the class. Email or send them them to Steve Dmytriw, sdmytriw@excite.com
(It's never too late to send them!!!)


40th Reunion Photos
50th Reunion Photos updated 7/23/13
Cranford links
Email List updated 7/23/13
In Memoryupdated 10/28/23
Missing Classmates updated 12/31/12
Photo Album updated 7/7/12
Ode to CHS '63 updated 7/14/12
What Are We Doing Now?
You Might be from Jersey...

Slideshow of vintage CHS pictures

We did it!

We had the Ultimate Class reunion !!!!


The Jersey Shore - Click Here (added 19 July)
The DC Club - Click Here (photos added 7 July)
the CHS Tour - Click Here (photos added 4 July)
the Hanson House - Click Here (photos added 7 July)
the Big Party - Click Here (photos added July)
Ode to CHS '63 (Added 14 July)>
the Class Reunion Photo - Click Here (photos added 23 July)

If you have photos in any format, send them to, or contact
Steve at sdmytriw@excite.com

Click on Movie

This was the site for our 40th and 50th class reunions.   Welcome, and thanks for visiting.
mural being restored
We're part of History!
Remember those half-circle murals that adorned the top of the library walls? If so, you are part of history. Click below to read how the old murals have been "re-discovered" and are being restored!
Uncovering historic murals at Cranford High School

Mural restoration at Cranford High School brings historic art back to life

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