A CHS63 Reunion Day Photo album

The CHS Tour

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Photos from Jackie


Nelson Dittmar, Sue Crawford,Joanne Prill, Robin Clemons, Jean Kelber
Anne Mineur, Betty Ann McGovney (pointing) Ken Ingram

Far Left:  Mark Steinberg & Rich Rubenstein
group: Jean Kelber, Robin Clemons, Sue Crawford, Joanne Prill, Nels Dittmar, Bill Ray, Fred Atkins

Far Left group: Virginia Libere (red jacket), Joanne Lynch (purple) Carol King (Plaid)

OK Bill, You have our undivided attention!

Anne Mineur, Anne McGovney, Judy York
& Betty Ann's husband Tom

Ken Ingram and Carolyn Dittmar

Nels Dittmar, Fred Atkins and Joanne Prill

Nels Dittmar and Fred Atkins

Bill Ray with Steve Dmytriw and Bruce Blakley (on rt)

Carol King, Rick Huston & Ellen Erickson Huston

Jean Kelber and Robin Clemons

Betty Ann McGovney, Joanne Aliseo, Carol Cawley, Virginia LiBere

Rich Rubenstein

Karen Peterson, Bonnie Boyd, Marge Walton

A photo from Andy Wells --

Gail, Ann, Kim, Ginger & Cookie

Photos from Steve Dmytriw

Classmates gathering for the CHS Tour with Bill Ray

Bill Ray Beginning our CHS Tour

The CHS Gym

Memories brought back in our CHS Classroom

The CHS Auditorium

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