A CHS63 Reunion Day Photo album

At the Big Party

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Photos from Andy Wells--

Dennis Sullivan & Ann Mineur

The Grosses and the Mittelburgers

Kim Sjursen Wells with Cousin Howard Sjursen ('61)

Marge Walton and Dennis Sullivan

Kim, Cookie &Ginger

From Steve Dmytriw

The CHS Rockettes kicking to Frank Sinatra's New York, New York

Photos from Fred Atkins

Bruce Blakely, Nelson Dittmar, Rick Klempa,Fred Atkins
and Robin Clemmons

This one might better be captioned
"Who's goosing Robin?!"

Joanne Prill, Jean Kelber, and Pat Keller

Photos from Pat Kelly Olden (captions coming later...maybe)










Photos from Jackie

Bill Ray &Joanne Aliseo at
Desk Marty Gallanter, Virginia Libere and Karen Peterson

Marge Walton, Claire Hallenbeck and Karen Peterson

Gary Tabat & Jean Kelber

Jim Altemose & Carlene Wolfe

Pat Kelly, her husband & Bill Imus

The Wives!!

Marty Gallanter

Emil & Alissa Ciurczak

Pat Kelly and her husband

Jerry & Irene Madden

Mark & Dianne Steinberg

Josephine Caliendo, Steve Dmytriw, Gary Tabat
& Mke Cavalla

Rick Gross, Bruce Blakley,Ron Ritter, Rick Klempa

Jay & Gerri Jackson

Jackie hugging Cougar Karen Peterson

Fred & Lynda Atkins

Mr & Mrs Stan Minch

Bob Morgan, Ann Mineur, Rick Gross, and Ellen Ericson

Andrea Skvasik and guest

The Rocketts

Jackie & Zev Shanken

Pat Kelly & Janice Drummond

Mark & Dianne Steiberg & Bill Imus

Rich & Phyllis Ribenstein, Ron Farb, Mark Steinberg

Dottie Martin, Phyllis Rubenstein, Dianne & Ron Farb, Fran Capodice, Rich Rubenstein, Mark & Dianne Steinberg

Bill Gall ('61) & Carolyn Dittmar ('65)

Zev Shanken, Pat Blazell, Anne Mazzarese

Whose photo is this?

Lynne Arthur

Rich Rubenstein,Ron &Dianne ,Barb &Mark Steinberg


Sharon Pechin

Bill & Eileen Ray and Joanne Aliseo

Margaret Ramsay & John Vergalla

Gail Gibson & Rich Smith

Carol Cawley, Diana Kreger, Anne Mazzarese,
Joann Aliseo, Carlene Wolfe

Denise Skarecki &Rich Smith

Gary Tabat & Mike Cavella

Josephine Caliendo, Howie Sjursen
& Judie Serafin Sjursen

Djinki Gillespie, Lee Coyle,
Betty Ann McGovney& Sue Dudley

Rick Huston & Ralph Mittelberger

Gary Tabat & Zev Shanken

Bill Ray, Rich & Phyllis Rubenstein,
Dianne Farb

Gerri Jackson, Eileen & Bill Ray

Judy York, Ann Mineur, Bill Ball,
Kim Sjursen and husband Andy Wells

Ron Ritter, Bary Tabat &Mike Cavella

Judy York, Karen Peterson, Sharon Pechin
& Margaret Ramsey

Jay Jackson & Gayle Gibson

Jean Kelber, Rick Huston, Joanne Prill,
Ellen Erickson Huston & Pat Keller

Janice Drummond

Dianne & Mark Steinberg

front: Ruth Clemons, Nels & Carolyn Dittmar,
Fred & Lynda Atkins

Nels & Carolyn Dittmar

Cherie & Rick Kelmpa with Robin Clemons

Fred & Lynda Atkins & Linda Blakley

Ken Rugg (Diana Kreger's husband) Gill Ball & John Vergalla

Ron & Dianne Farb

Mildred Gessler, Marcia Rubine,
Eileen Gill and Nancy Grote

Rick & Valerie Gross with Marge Walton

Judy Craft & Joanne Aliseo

Rich & Phyllis Rubenstein

Kin Sjursen & Andy Wells

Gayle Gibson, Jay Jackson
& Nancy Marek

DJ Chuck Leonard

Bob Morgan, Mr & Mrs Mike Cavella

Brian Lav with Sue Dudley

Gerry Jackson, Carolyn Dittmar, Eileen Ray

Nancy Leech & fiance Wayne

Margaret Ramsay & Sharon Pechin

Bob Morgan,& Nels Dittmar Jackie , Ron Ritter

Bob Morgan, Nels Dittmar, Margaret Ramsey

Djinki Gillespie & Lee Coyle

Ron Ritter & Mildred Gessler

Lee Coyle & Djinki Gillespie - Gary Tabat
and Mildred Gessler

Bill Hoff, Steve Dmytriw & Bob Mayer
(love that CHS sweater, Bob)

Sharon Rechin, Ellen Radzikowski & husband Cliff with
Bill Imus

Carol Cawley and husband Barry with Bruce

Bill Ball, Eric Jorgensen, ??, John Krip, Mike Cavalla, Rich & Kathleen Smith, ???

John Krip, ??, Sharon Margan, Jackie , Rich & Kathleen Smith

Bob (Buddha) Morgan makes

a short moving speech

Anne Mazzarese & Zev Shanken

Jay Jackson with Karen Peterson

(once our Cougar,
always our Cougar)

Judie Serafin, Ellen Radzikowski & Anne Mazzarese

A few candids of "Moe" and Alissa Ciurczak

Judy "Cookie"Craft, Barry Ziegler, Gaile Davison Ziegler,Rick Gross and Marge Walton

Mildred Gessler & Gary Tabat, Lee Coyle &Djinki Gillespie with Anne Minuer (back)

Bill Ray

Mr & Mrs Denny Schar (CHS 60')

Gayle Gibson

Jay Jackson with Jackie

Due Dudley and Gary Tabat

Mike Cavella & Lee Coyle

Carolyn Dittmar

Nels Dittmar

Dianne Steinberg

Rich Rubenstein

Marcia Rubine

Ralph Middleberger

Stan Minch

Carolyn Krip, Bonnie Boyd

Jerry Madden and Virginia Libere

John Krip & Rich Smith

Who is Judy Craft hugging??

Bob Mayer & Rich Rubenstein

Pat Keller & Virginia Libere

Carol Crawley & husband Barry

Sharon Pechin, Margaret Ramsay, Djinki Gillespie

Ron Ritter, Gayle Gibson & Bill Ray

Bill Ball

Zev Shanken & Joanne Aliseo

Gayle Gibson, John & Carolyn Krip, Jackie with Bill Ball in back

Gayle Gibson, John &Carolyn Krip, Bill Ball & Jerry Madden

Lee Coyle, Jackie &Rich Smith

Lee Coyle, Rich Smith, Mike Cavella

Brian Lav, Jackie

Brian Lav, Marc Steinberg & Sue Dudley and Marc Steinberg

Denise Skarecki & Dottie Martin

Carlene Wolfe, Fran Copodice, Fran's daughter Michele and sister Connie (65')

Bill Hoff and Virginia Libere

Steve Dmytriw & Bob Morgan

Alissa and Moe Ciurczak

Ellen Radzikowski & Lynne Arthur

Josephine Caliendo

Judy York, Jay Jackson, Gayle Gibson, Bob Mayer, Mildred Gessler, Nancy Marek & Gary Tabat (tough photo, sorry for the blur)

Zev Shanken and Anne Mazzarese

Sue Dudley & Nancy Marek

John Krip ordering a class photo from Dave Kelber ('62)

Nelson Dittmar, Moe Ciurczak, Fred Atkins


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