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The day was January 15, 2004 and the place was the good old Cranford Hotel - Ron Rubenstein didn't make our big party, so we put a little one together for him when he came to visit.  Ron, Gary and Loretta were not at the reunion and really enjoyed this mini, impromptu, CHS reunion dinner!  Here are a few photos compliments of Jackie ---

Rich Rubenstein, Gary Gisser, Lorreta Putz

Nelson Dittmar, Ron Rubenstein, Bill Ray, Sharon Pechin in the background

Jackie, Nelson &Ron

Sharon, Ron, Suzanne VanGilder & Rich

Sharon, Suzanne, Rich,Gary, Loretta, Jackie, Nelson, Bill, Ron &
Suzanne's husband Michael

Suzanne and Loretta

Ron &Bill

Rich & Sharon

Rich, Gary, Jackie, Ron

Nelson & Bill

Michael & Suzanne

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