A CHS63 Reunion Day Photo album

At the Cranford Hotel

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Photos From Stephen Dmytriw:

Gathering at the Cranford Hotel

Nels Dittmar, Buddy Bernstein, John Vergalla

And we gathered at the Cranford hotel, didn't we?

Photos from Pat Kelly Olden

number 38

number 39

number 40

number 41

number 43

number 44

Photos from Jackie

Nancy Leech, Andy Wells & Kim Sjursen Wells

Bill Ray

Emil "Moe" & Alissa Ciurczak

Suzanne VanGilder, Zev Shanken & Bonnie Boyd

Fred Atkins, Jackie , Marty Gallanter & Richard Tafro

Marty and Jackie

Marge Walton, Richard Tafro, Buddy Bernstein,
Gary Talbot

Ron Farb and Carol Cawley

Anne Mazzarese, Carlene Wolfe, Fran Capodice,
Diana Kreger, Joanne Aliseo

Jackie and Betty Anne McGovney

Djinki Gillespie and Lee Coyle

Sue Dudley, Nancy Leech, Betty Ann McGovney,
Djinki Gillespie

Mildred Gessler and Gayle Gibson

Dottie Martin

Dottie Martin, Linda Blakley, Nels Dittmar,
Bruce Blakley

Zev Shanken and Marty Gallanter

Lee Coyle

John Krip, Sonny Kooperman ('62) and Jerry Madden

Alissa Ciurczak, Denise Skarecki, Moe Ciurcza

Connie Capodice('65), Fran Capodice, Ellen Radzikowski

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